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Over the years several pieces of my poetry have been reprinted across the Internet on a multitude of sites. In the majority of these cases the poster has credited me in some way, and in a couple of instances credited Edgar Allan Poe which I took as a massive compliment. Unfortunately not everyone on the Internet follows a decent moral code, and I have found pieces of my work posted with different people credited as the author. There was even an online book containing several pieces of my work (Since taken down and apologies received)

I have therefore decided that since my humble works seem to be slightly popular, and so I can occasionally put my occupation down as ?Freelance Poet? I would gather a selection of my work and publish it in a small book, this very book in fact.

The following poems cover a small selection of my work from the age of 12 to the current time. I hope you find at least some enjoyable, since this book was compiled for YOU and I want YOU to be happy.


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Format: eBook
Print Length: 32 pages
Language: English
Genre: Poetry




Heart of Stone
Roman Wall Blues
Wish Upon A Star
The Assasin
Dark Lover
Valentine Poem
Birthday Rune

The Goth, The Vamp and The Wannabie

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