Night Watch

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Night Watch is a short psychological tale written entirely in the First Person Narrative.

It’s a tale of a lone sentry out on guard duty in the dark woods, In his own words you experience his night, his fears, his hopes, and finally, his……

This is where Night Watch is different from most stories, it draws you in and lets you decide just what actual happened that night.

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Format: eBook
Print Length: 23 pages
Language: English
Genre: Thriller




“A really good read! Builds the tension and makes you feel that you are actually experiencing the tension! Would be even creepier if it was dark outside when you were reading it!!! Look forward to more short stories from this author!”

“Night Watch is a story about a young cadet on sentry duty alone at night in the woods. Suspensefully written, fast-paced, this story sent chills down my spine. I felt transported, I imagined darkness all around me. A quick, very exciting read.” 

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