The Burglar and the Beast

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Greetings and Salutations.

Thank you for reading my little story. You probably got it from the “Fiction” section because to publish it I have had to mark it as “fiction”, and to be honest I think if I had tried publishing it as None-Fiction I would probably have been sent to a nice institution for a bunch of mind-doctors to give me a once over.

So this is a complete work of fiction. I did not go on holiday to the Welsh countryside. While I was not on holiday, I did not flick through the old bible that was in the stand next to the bed. In this bible I most defiantly did not find several stained pieces of paper, covered with a poorly written handwriting.

If I had found those bits of paper, (which may or may not be stored in a safety deposit box for my protection). Then what follows would be a copy of what I read on those papers, with all spelling and grammatical mistakes intact.

It is a self recorded “Last Days” of J. H. Prescott A.K.A. The Ghost, It tells of his last job, and the horrors he discovered.

I hope you enjoy this short bit of “Fiction”, and possibly the next time you are having a drink maybe you could raise your glass in a silent salute to J. H. Prescott whoever he may or may not have been.

Wayne Owens

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Format: eBook
Print Length: 12 pages
Language: English
Genre: Supernatural/Horror




This short story is part of a yet untitled series of stories and books.

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